Our Mission

Model for Change was created in 2015 to drive social change by matching early-stage, social impact businesses to volunteers who provide financial modeling consulting services. Businesses involved in the Model for Change program are able to gain access to professional financial modeling services that are critical to operating and growing a business. By donating their time and expertise, volunteers obtain a high-impact extracurricular experience in addition to developing meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs.

Our Values

At Model for Change, we believe in the ability of businesses to improve the world around us in addition to providing a great product or service. Some companies generate a positive externality from which society benefits but that doesn’t necessarily increase a company's bottom line. Model for Change aims to correct this incentive misalignment by providing services to "social impact" businesses, which are defined as organizations whose core business models directly enhance society's overall well-being. This positive impact can be generally seen, but not limited to, the following five pillars:

  • Environment

    Proactively address long-term environmental challenges of respective industries by promoting the efficient use of our world's natural resources.
  • Human Rights

    Promote human dignity by respecting rights (e.g. workplace, indigenous peoples, etc.) and maintaining sustainable relations with all stakeholders.
  • Health and Safety

    Produce goods or services aimed at enhancing consumer health and welfare while ensuring product safety as well as avoiding dangerous and addictive goods.
  • Communities

    Invest in communities within their footprint and maintain honest and transparent relations with government.
  • Education

    Provide access to information to empower individuals and groups to self-improve.


Partners and Clients